Anti-Islamic Rhetoric

This was a cartoon I found on Anti-CAIR and I think it sums up some pretty important issues that some Americans have with American Muslims

While this blog tends to tackle racism that's pretty much under the radar I think that this cartoon is pretty brazen. Essentially it seems to be saying that all Muslims in America are ultra-conservative Whabist Islamists and that the "moderate" Muslim you see walking down the street, or talking to in an office, may actually harbor "terroristic tendencies" and a "deep hatred" for America. I think this is a pretty dangerous view to hold (as well as a wrong one) since it seems to be putting any Muslim in a suit under suspicion of supporting terrorists (which seems to be the case these days).

I also think the other picture from the previous blog I just posted has some telling signs as well.

Basically its telling CAIR, and possibly many American Muslims, to just keep their mouths shut. Anytime a Muslim speaks they aren't going to be listened too, instead they will be condemned and profiled. Also the bleeding soldier seems to be showing that CAIR and Muslims are hurting America, yet the soldier is white, so essentially they are hurting white America and its "values," which to someone like the cartoonist who did this poster, are the "true American values."

This cartoon (while not as brazen as the first or second) seems to also show a popular misconception about American Muslims that many in this country have. First of all why does one need to ask a Muslim (especially an American Muslim) why some Muslims from (mostly) the Middle East decide to use terrorist tactics? Essentially this person is only being asked this because they are Arab and/or Muslim and because there is a misunderstanding about the Muslim American community and their views on terror. Many within the Muslim American community have spoken out (for more see "Selective Hearing of Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism" on The American Muslim web page) and most people who claim they haven't don't seem to be basing their opinion on much research, just because it's not on the news doesn't mean it doesn't exists. It also shows this person getting upset over something "little," which is a view that many people hold (especially whites), which is the view that they are just being "too sensitive." Yet are they really being "too sensitive" or are they reacting to a situation they deal with everyday? Just because one is Muslim does not mean they need to answer questions about terrorism everyday, especially terrorism mostly committed thousands of miles from their home. Also, this issue of "too sensitive" is always popping up in contemporary racist arguments and is something that will be discussed in further blogs.