The Blog and the Bullet

Hey, the Double Consciousness team has started a new blog called The Blog and the Bullet. It's a blog aggregator that was inspired by Blogbharti. Basically The Blog and the Bullet "tries to bring to you the best of the blogosphere concerning issues of race and white supremacy. The title of the blog comes from the April 1964 speech by Malcolm X titled 'The Ballot or the Bullet.' We use the term to show that our blog has a radical take on racial issues and white privilege and white supremacy."

Basically what we want to do with this blog is to link other blogs that we think have good and interesting things to say on race, white supremacy/privilege, and radical issues in genera. We do that as well on this blog but in this blog we tend to add our own commentary to the links, with The Blog and the Bullet all we do is provide a brief descriptor and a link to the blog and post. Hope you all check it out.

We have four editors, the three from the Double Consciousness team and Yolanda Carrington, who does the excellent blog The Primary Contradiction, which focuses on issues of race, gender, and power in Western society.

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