Friday Hip-Hop

Hey everyone. So I'm starting a new podcasting segment every Friday (or around every Friday)at The Mustard Seed where I share some music that you all might like. Each Friday podcast should have around a minute or so introduction wiht around 13 to 17 minutes worth of music (around three to four songs). Hope ya'll enjoy.

Can't embed the podcast here so ya'll gonna have to listen to it at my blog.

[Update: Finally got it working, here's the links to the artists I selected]

Blue Scholars

The Coup

Bambu & Do D.A.T. (and please Just Do DAT!)



Hey there!


This sounds like a great idea!

Thanks for the announcement!

Please feel welcome to come by my blog anytime and share! There's always something cooking! My door is always open!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Jack Stephens said...

Thanks Lisa. I originally wanted this to be a Double Consciousness thing but unfortunetly I can't seem to embed my mp3 files into blogger as easy as I can with Wordpress, so it will be on my blog The Mustard Seed from now on, but I will continue to link it here. I remember viewing your blog a while ago and loving it, this time I'll save it in my Google Reader, peace!


Niki Esko said...

Hey Stephen, its Niki =) Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

I dig the idea you brought up in this entry. I'll definitely hit up your page and tune in =)

If you're into local music and writing (which you obviously are) check my page. I just posted an interview with a poet from Detroit/via Nashville (not local, but still great)

Hope to hear from you soon. Much respect brotha.