First and Last Post for 2006!

I just thought I'd make a post before the end of the year. While I work on my first big entry, check out this website for the PBS documentary RACE - The Power of an Illusion. In addition to the transcripts for the 3-part documentary, it contains a plentiful amount of information and resources that you can browse through. Thank you to Tim Ponti for forwarding this site to me!

Have a safe and Happy New Year, everyone!


Steve Hayes said...

Read about this one in Jack Stephens's blog and thought I'd drop in to say hi.

I don't know much about American white supremacists, except that a number of them do a lot of trolling in South African newsgroups lie soc.culture.south-africa trying to canvass support for their views.

Jack Stephens said...

Steven, thanks for coming to our blog. I took a look at your blog Notes from underground and enjoyed it very much. I'll make sure to book mark that one. That's very cool you're an Orthodox deacon, I myself am studying to be an Episcopal (or Anglican) priest. Hope you stop by our blog often.