Orientals and Dog Eaters

I was at my work yesterday and during closing I was talking with an acquaintance I knew from high school, "Mitch," who was about two or three grades below me (I think two). He told me that a mutual acquaintance whom he works with, "Jim" (who was in my same class and football team), got into an argument with him during work. He said Jim was basically flaunting his girlfriend, trying to show off. They got into some argument were Jim called him fat (and possibly a "faggot") and where the other guy called him a midget. Mitch said that Jim's girlfriend was hot but that he "wasn't going to bust a nut" over her. He also stated that she was some kind of "Oriental" chick and he wasn't going to get all crazy over an "Oriental." I basically left it at that since I had to close up at my work and Mitch went to his car but his comment was obviously interesting. Also it should be noted that about a year ago or so Jim asked me about my girlfriend because I had been talking to her on the phone. I said she went to school, yada, yada, and that she was Pilipina. Jim than looked at me with an inquisitive look and said, "Pilipinos? Don't they eat dogs?!" Just another day in white Marin County.