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Well, as I was browsing through Technorati I came across a link to another blog I do with the Double Consciousness team and Yolanda Carrington from The Primary Contradiction called The Blog and the Bullet.

The link I found was from Beautiful, Also, Are the Souls of My Black Sisters and it was for a Thinking Blogger Award. To be quite honest I've been looking at these Thinking Blogger Awards for the past week or so hoping that someone would tag one of the blogs I write for and it was indeed quite a huge honor for me to have one of the blogs I write for, The Blog and the Bullet, be tagged by Ann. So to continue the tradition I will list five blogs that make me think (plus some extras).

Five Blogs (in no particular order)

a reader's words: This is a fine blog by Bhupinder Singh (who lives in India) that tackles just about every issue one can think. The main focus of the blog is India and some of the most interesting posts he does are on socialism, globalization, literature, the state of India, and Dalit issues in India. This is one of the few blogs I check daily because of the great content and fluid writing this author does.

Blog Bharti: The inspiration for The Blog and the Bullet. This is a blogging aggregator that illuminates all kinds of voices from the Indian blogosphere. I check this blog weekly (if not more) for some of the great links posted up on it by the blog sites 12 editors.

The Unapologetic Mexican : This fiery blog is put out by the blogger Nezua LimónXolagrafik-Jonez. Another blog I check weekly (if not more). Nezua can be kind, ruthless, sarcastic, critical, and downright funny when blogging about subjects relating to Latinos, Latin America, imperialism, racism, sexism, and other musings.

insurgelicious: This blog is put out by my good (and relatively new) friend Marco Hewitt. Marco is an Anglo-Pilipino from Austrailia who is in the San Francisco Bay Area right now studying Pilipino activists in the diaspora for his PhD thesis. His blog covers many issues that I find very interesting; such as Asian issues, Pilipino issues, imperialism, activism, and whatever tickles his fancy in general.

My Life, my words: A blog done by Apurva Madhat (from Bangolore, India) about issues effecting India and his own life. I had the honor of taking Apurva on a tour of San Francisco a few weeks ago since he's here for a few months working for Google. He posts some great stuff (and is a contributor, along with Bhupinder, at Blog Bharti) and one of his main interests are women's issues and feminism.

Shout Outs:

There are some great blogs that I wanted to put in my thinking blogger award section but the point of the Thinking Blogger Awards is to not repost blogs that have already been tagged by another blog for a Thinking Blogger Award (and only a blog tagged by one can post a Thinking Blogger Award). So here are some other blogs that make me think and that I love to read on a weekly or daily basis.

First off I have to give a shout out to Yolanda from The Primary Contradiction, I constantly check this blog for her great insight and use of Marxist, radical feminist, and post-colonial theory. Another great blog is Krishworld Politics put out there by Krish (from India but right now temporarily in Seattle, he also blogs for Blog Bharti). He has great insight on both American and Indian political culture. National Highway, a blog done by the Delhi (India) based correspondent for the weekly paper Tehelka, Shivam Vij, is another great blog done by a great writer and illuminates some of the darker corners in India that are often ignored by mainstream press. Beautiful, Also, Are the Souls of My Black Sisters, done by Ann, is blog I check for the great insight put out there by its author. At Home, Writing has great personal insights from the Indian author Bhaswati. All Out For the Fight is another great radical blog I read which is authored by the Bronx based blogger Modern Pitung. Angry Black Woman is another great blog with excellent insight from a great woman who has no qualms with taking it to "The Man." Lastly IntelligentaIndigena is a blog from a Native American perspective and has great commentary and interesting links that will always make you leaving the site a little more wiser.

[Update: I don't know why I didn't mention her blog before (silly me) but brownfemipower does a great great blog that I read habitually called Women of Color Blog. Also, check out all of the blogs on our blog roll, cause that's basically the blogs we also love to go to as well]

Man! There are many more blogs out there I like, but I gotta end this post.

Also, as Yolanda says, "Did I happen to mention how much Canadian bloggers rule." I agree, and would like to add. Did I happen to mention how much Indian bloggers rule.


La Otra said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Jack!

AradhanaD said...

Oh geez, I'm going to have to add more blogs to my daily reading!!! Cool!

thanks Jack!

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Madhat said...

Hey thanks for the mention! Though I wish you would not mention where I work... :)

readerswords said...

(seems like my previous comment did not come through)

Thanks for the mention, Jack.

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks man! i already have been tagged, and i added you as an update link in that post.

thanks again. i appreciate your words.

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Thanks so much for the mention.

I came across your Blog and the Bullet by accident, and it was a welcomed and insightful blog that I intend to visit very often.

I have since made some more posts at my site since I've tagged you. Please feel free to come back for a visit.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, I've also linked to both of your blogs.

Keep up the good work.

J A G U A R I T O said...

Hey Jack! Thanks for the honourable mention comrade! I'm flattered :-) Cheers also for the links to all those other amazing blogs. Keep up the great work. Catch ya soon.