Chinese Speaking Parents Left Behind

The San Francisco Bay Area based organization Chinese for Affirmative Action came out with a report in November of 2006 about the San Francisco Unified School District's actions (and came out Whitun-actions) toward Cantonese speaking parents of school children. A short excerpt from the report reads:
In California, one in four children – or nearly 1.6 million students – in the K-12 educational system is an English learner, and nearly all these children come from homes where English is not the primary language.4 In the San Francisco Unified School District, there are over 16,600 English Learners, which is nearly 30% of the student population. While there are laws that require language services for LEP parents, implementation and enforcement is not systemic, and parents often face barriers to obtaining even the most basic information about their child’s education. [Italics mine]