The Race Card

There is something I want to bring up due to a conversation I had with someone yesterday. Now when a person, let's say a Korean, brings up a fact in a conversation about race. Let's say, about white privilege. And that white person accuses the Korean person of "Bringing up the 'race card.'" Who, in reality, is actually bringing up the race card?

This is the kind of bullshit the pisses me off. Now if the Korean person brings up a fact about how the way a white person might view race is based on their white privilege (due to the fact that they grew up white) than that person is lifting up a veil and illuminating a situation in a more truthful manner. The white person who denies this and says the that person is using the "race card" is in actuality pulling the sheepskin over all of our eyes and is contributing to the further masking of the racial realities in America.

This white person has no idea what it is like to be a person of color and yet this white person accusses someone of using the "race card."

Now, in reality, who is actually using the race card?

I would argue that it is the white person who is using the race card by saying she or he is "using the race card." The white person is actively using race and putting the other person on the spot bu accusing them of something that they are not doing. What the Korean person was bringing up was racial realities in the United States of America. What the white person was doing was masking and/or ignoring those realities which in turn is using race for her or his benefit. Not bringing up race is actually, in effect, benefiting the white person.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Never discussing racism that exists is helping to perpetuate it. Its like the majority wants to discuss their great achievements in history but just skip over all the racist parts. That in my opinion is using the white race card. Because they have the most power they write the history and can edit it to make themselves look good. People can say "racism doesn't really exist anymore" and "all people are treated equally now" despite the frequent racial incidents that are reported in the news and statistics citing discrimination. Thats pulling the race card by saying that anyone who brings up racism is in the wrong. Its exactly like when a person who brings up racism is called a racist. Its confusing people. Discussing reality and historical reality is not racist or using the race card.