Saturday Beats: Learning and the First Time

Was a day late on this one, sorry. From the latest issue of The Beat Within.

What Is Writing?
When I was growing up,
I learned how to smoke and drink.
I learned how to smoke blunts and mix drinks.
I learned how to bag up weed and crack
I learned how to load, carry, aim, and shoot a gun.
I learned how to cook.
I learned how to cut hair.
I learned how to cut hair.
I learned how to survive on the streets.

I want to learn
how to select the right house in the right neighborhood
for my family and me.
I want to learn how to pay my bills.
I want to learn how to go grocery shopping monthly.
I want to learn to be a good husband and father
and a role model for my family.
-By Vernelle

My First Time
I came into juvi for the first time yesterday. Thrown into shower when it shut off before I got my clothes off.

Then a small courtroom. I shivered with cloths, hair and body on the cold hard square of cement I had to sit on. They take my things and take a piccture there. And TB test me.
Next thing I know my dad's on the phone with me and my moms too, they're telling me not to be sad and how I'll be out soon. That was over 24 hours ago.

How I remember being snatched away from home and my wonderful beautiful girlfriend. They cuffed me and sent me into the big black cop Durango without a good bye or anything. She probably thought I'd come right out after talking with the cops, well so did I.

I still haven't got my charges or any reason why I'm here and I feel so hopeless and helpless.
Its the first night in almost eight months when I couldn't tell my baby goodnight. When I couldn't cover up my brother as he's falling asleep before he hits the pillow couldn't hassle mom or dad couldn't do anything really, but cry. I did cry a lot. My eyes are red from crying. I'm sitting in this room seeing the other's pass by.
-By Michael.