Jena Six = Anti-Gay Bashing Bullies?

While reading The Republic of T. I came across a link to a LGBTQI blog called Queerty and found a post about the Jena Six in where the author states that the Jena Six were a bush of bullies and how Human Rights Campaign should focus on anti-gay crimes just as much as race crimes. While I agree HRC should focus on homophobia and heterosexism just as much as on racism the author seems to make a disturbing point in lashing out against the Jena Six. One of the commenters, SeaFlood, wrote:
This is very confusing to me. To me, it seems like… that old trick where a divide is struck between gay and B/black and never the two shall mix. It is not politically craven if he considers that… well… quiet as it is not kept… there are PLENTY of gay B/black people who are really concerned about the Jena 6 case.


...something’s really wrong with what Crain is saying…

“The “Jena 6″ are the type of macho bullies (of all races) who victimize gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students (of all races) every day outside school gymnasiums across this country.”

But the Jena 6 are B/black. They are not the bullies here anyway. The bullies are the white kids and then white supremacy at the court house.

Maybe there’s something I am just not getting… seriously.


Anonymous said...

The whites are "bullies"? Who was attacked from behind by six people? Who was knocked unconscious and kicked while lying in that state on the ground?

Anonymous said...

The bullying started with the white kids who hung the nooses and created the atmosphere where black students are not allowed to sit under a tree.

Jena's the kind of place where black people have been bullied for a long time and whites have looked the other way. Now when some black kids snap and fight, white people want to play like they are completely innocent.

While I do think it was wrong for the 6 kids to beat up the 1 white student, who started all of this? That entire school needs lessons about the symbolism behind those nooses. The entire school also needs lessons about bullying.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you need to get your facts straight. The white students who assaulted a black student, and also the white student who pulled a gun on a black student did not get the kind of punishment Bell did.