Jena Six

Pop Startled posts a good blog entry on the Jena Six with links to some news articles about the incident:
The status quo is a white dominated society. Sure, its possible to think that nooses are not racially charged when you're a white person. That comes from the unwavering idea held by most white Americans that racism is dead and that everyone is equal in our enlightened American society. However, the fact that you can see a noose and think a radically different thought than a fellow American who happens to be black shows that the status quo is actually just an imposed historical forgetfulness, an amnesia of only 1-2 generations after the struggles of the civil rights protesters and the death spasms of Jim Crow (who's ghost continues to haunt white suburbs vs black urban neighborhoods).


belledame222 said...

The "Kramer" episode made it pretty abundantly clear that it's rather closer to the surface of the white collective (un)conscious than it'd/we'd like to make out.

AverageBro.com said...

Excellent take on this story here: http://averagebro.blogspot.com/2007/09/averagebro-blogs-live-from-jena-la.html