Saturday Beats: Refuse

It's been a while since I've done this as I normally am not at my computer on Saturdays. If you need an update on what Saturday Beats is and who writes these wonderful pieces click here.

I Refuse!
Life is full of mistakes and no one is perfect
To prevent a problem from happening you gotta start
from the surface
Prayin' to God every day but yet still I don' learn shit
Growing older every second but yet still my servant
To the system
And I'm targeted because I'm black
I'm hustlin' because I refuse to lay flat
Put my hands behind my back
And give up my right that man in black
And blue
I refuse
I won't do
So I lace up my Jay's and keep it moving
Keep you clueless
Anticipating my next step
Stay ahead of myself and others
For the behalf of my next breath
And the test in life
I've passed it twice
Feel like I've been here once before
Ahead of my time in my prime
Bangin' on that death do'
-H-TwoOh-Cal, Alamedia