This was actually in a campus newspaper! I believe it's an independent newspaper, not affiliated with the University of Colorado journalism department (thank God!) but it is a newspaper none the less for the UC community.

I'll get straight to the point. Here is an excerpt from the Campus Press's recent Op-Ed piece titled "If it's a war the Asians want...":
I'm such a fool for not realizing it sooner. I can't tell you how many times the Asians have treated me like a retarded weasel and I've forgiven them. But now I know that Asians are not just "a product of their environment," and their rudeness is not a "cultural misunderstanding."

They hate us all.

And I say it's time we started hating them back. That's right-no more "tolerance." No more "cultural sensitivity." No more "Mr. Pretend-I'm-Not-Racist."

It's time for war.

But we won't attack their bodies or minds. We will attack their souls.
Than the newspaper gave a half-assed apology saying it was "satire:"
The Campus Press, as the only true vehicle for student voice to the CU community, offers a unique chance for aspiring journalists to learn this craft, and we are exploring a new and continuously evolving medium on a springboard to the professional world.

Like all aspiring journalists, we will learn from this experience and better our publication. The Campus Press has always been, and will continue to be, a source for credible university news and a voice for this student body.
The guy who wrote it was Max Karson and his e-mail is max.karson@colorado.edu

I'll comment more on this latter; right now I'm tired (it's 1:42 am) and a little dumbfounded and at a loss for words. Please read the whole article and distribute widely.


Madhat said...

Actually, I do hate you all...

Anonymous said...

Reading that was a major "what the fuck" moment.

The Witty Mulatto said...

My first comment didn't work...
That is freaking crazy. And the it's-only-satire excuse is lame. Jokes always come from what you really think deep down.

I'm really impressed with this blog. It's incredibly bad-ass.

Jack Stephens said...

Thanks Witty Mulatto. I don't think we've ever been called "bad-ass" before.