Time for Your Daily Dose of Queasiness

Let me warn you people. This is bad, and I don't mean bad as in Lawrence Fishburne is baaaaaad, I mean this is, "Oh God I just cringed" bad.

But this video also has a serious side to it. Now what is it that made Mitt say "Who let the dogs out," (HOLY SHIT THAT'S LIKE FUCKING SIX YEARS OLD!! In the words of Joey Styles "OOOOHHH MY GAAAAWWWWDDDD!") and "bling-bling." Well obviously he didn't get that terminology from actually hanging out with Black people because Black people don't fucking talk like that!

What is shaping Mitt's view, and for that matter much of white America's view, on Black "culture" and Black "speak" is the media. Most of what white and non-Black America think Black culture is, is actually from music videos produced by white owned record labels and newscasts and TV shows (such as cops) produced and owned by white people (even BET isn't owned by Blacks anymore, or at least their original Black owners). While these little "Oh my God Romney is so white" asides might be funny the also show the seriousness of how the media affects white peoeple's mind on who and what Black people are.

Whites are the most segregated race in America and what they see in the media is more than likely the only thing they see of a certain race. Which is why media representation is so important and so dangerous.


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

I tell u, good pot. nice blog, ill be back, chk me out one day

Mari-Djata said...

That angered me too. Sometimes, I truly believe that these candidates are actually trying to push the black vote away. I mean, what in the world was he thinking? "Bling Bling"? Who in the world is the only black person who will be swayed into voting for a man with that kind of vernacular? And it isn't only him, even though he was so blantantly racist in that clip.