The Beat Within: Black and Complaining

This week from our incarcerated youth.

Black and Complaining
My complaint isn’t a complaint
it’s an every day problem I’m facing
Why so many people in the world got to be racist
My complaint is why is it so hard for a black man
Everything we do, we say we hope,
but we never say we can
Wonder why we hustle too hard to get a job
Everybody else eating good,
but we living off corn on the cob, pretty much
Everywhere, even the ghetto we are the most hated
It seems like everyone in the good movie,
but we are x-rated
Best known for rapping, and sports
We became big time celebrities when we go to court
I love being black
but I’m complaining because it’s too hard
The sad thing about it is no one can change it
Not even the Lord.
- Reggie, Land