Erase Racism Carnival Coming Up

It's been almost a year since I hosted the Erase Racism Carnival, and this month I'm hosting it again. I've already gotten a few posts submitted to me but they're not exactly what the Double Consciousness team is looking for. We want posts that mainly cover:
  • White privilege
    • Explaining what it is, how it manifests itself, breaking it down, history of white privilege.
  • Combating white privilege
  • Racism in 21st century America
  • Institutionalized racism
    • Government, families, law, etc.
  • White supremacy
  • And generally posts on racism itself. Not just posts (some of which I have received) on how racism is bad and how we all need to just get along.
You can e-mail me your posts at jack [dot] m [dot] stephens [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Brother Peace Maker