Image of Irony

I admit it, I like to browse "lol" pictures. Here's a great one.

You'd think that a lack of historical knowledge would be the only thing wrong with these people. You'd think that the irony of this ideology would end at race, ethnicity, culture, xenophobia.

...but no, I am proven wrong, it's much more than that. As much as I despise her hatred and ignorance, I have got to thank that lady for pushing the envelope of senselessness.

Political Picture - Protester
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Tongue-in-cheek, I can't help but say that it sounds like "...fecal." Might seem a bit forced to you, but it honestly jumps out at me.


Anonymous said...

Right, "fecal" works. The one that came to mind for me was similar--"offal."

I'm also reminded of this infamous sight.

Thanks for the link to Pundit Kitchen! Looks fun.


Hi there!

Thanks for that amusing photo....white hypocrisy rears its head once more...{snickers}

Continue to blow the trumpet!