Saturday Beats: My World

More poetics from our Bay Area youth.

My World
The world I live in is full of pain and sorrow.
Praying and dreaming for a better tomorrow
but my prayers are not answered
and my dreams are crushed
because the system I live in
is just way too screwed-up.
There’s no way to control your fate.
You just live to fight and hate
and wait for the right chance
to keep your life straight.
Police and society try to put you down
for being Chicano and for being brown.
But I keep my head and I say screw this system
and screw these laws.
Screw the government.
I only believe in the ‘cause’.
The evil lives within,
so my life is full of sin.
It lives within my soul
and that’s why I feel so cold.
And I show no emotions and I shed no tears.
I show no remorse and I have no fears.
I’ve lived a screwed up life.
That’s why my heart’s like stone.
Happiness and kindness have all been thrown,
thrown away, far away – never to return.
The goodness within has all been burned.
The evil is done. There is no way to rewind it.
I’m searching for peace of mind.
I just can’t seem to find it.
Searching for light in the darkness where I reside.
But all I seem to find is iniquity and violence.
But I guess it’s all right
because after the violence
comes the silence.
-Isaac, Santa Cruz