Stuff White People Do

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Changeseeker blogs:
...last night, thanks to a comment by Professor Zero, I discovered a new blog called Stuff White People Do. The author is smart, right on the target, introspective and clever.


...if you haven't read Macon D. over at Stuff White People Do yet, then let me send you on over there post haste.

Just recognize that you're probably gonna be there for a while.


macon d said...

Thanks for the rec, Jack!

I love the cartoon in the post below this one, and yeah, Carlo, that "That's so gay!" shit really sickens me too. I call people on it all the time.

Some high school teachers told me that the new one among kids is "Jewish," as in "Don't be such a Jew," Or "That's so Jewish!" And that it's entirely different from that old bit of bigotry, "You sure did a good job of jewing down that car salesman."