RIP Bernie Mac

BrownFemiPower blogs:

Bernie Mac is a lot like George Lopez to me–I had some real problems with a lot of his material, but I respected him as a true comedian. He was an observer of people, and those observations, more often than not, were funny as hell because they pointed out human and cultural truisms and flaws that were embarassing, endearing, interesting and enraging.

He material was sexist and homophobic, but he was also one of the few that discussed po’ black communities (as in poverty stricken and devistated, not just the idealized ‘poor’ that Cosby and other comedians of color talk about or idealized gangsta ‘poor’ that younger comedians like Cedric the Entertainer riff on) , drug addiction and how it affects the children, the addicted person and older family members.

I mean, the clip below has got some homophobia and abelism that really rides the line between being a joke and being fucking mean.