Miss Navajo: Reconceptualizing Native American Beauty

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Renee blogs:
Yolanda Charley, recently won the title of Miss. Navajo Nation. I am normally against beauty contests, as I see them as nothing more than the performance of femininity for the male gaze. The Miss Navajo Nation is like no other pageant I have ever come across.


What I love about this contest is that it is more than women parading around with fake smiles, with their bathing suits taped to their skin, to avoid being swallowed by their asses. Miss Navajo is about celebration, and the perpetuation of culture.


sara said...

Oh what a beautiful piece of news to read! I never knew of this, thank you. The picture of Miss Navajo made me smile! Right on. Perpetuate!


Hey there!

I have been reading about this in the blogosphere for the past few days and that is AWESOME!!

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Unknown said...

I do like the concept of the Native American beauty contests, aside from the slaughtering sheep part, but to me it is better than a bathing suit competition. I am still a bit sour over the outrage and backlash that was given by many native americans when Radmilla Cody became Miss Navajo a while back. Many native americans were upset she is half native and half black, and felt she should have been considered black and shouldn't be considered native american.