Erase Racism Carnival Coming Up!

Hey folks. This month's Erase Racism Carnvial (blog carnival that is) is being hosted by Double Consciousness. Please, if you have any recent (within a month) blog posts please send them our way (you can submit your posts here); also keep this in mind in the future if you write any blog posts you think will be good for the carnival.

Carlo and I are specifically looking for blog submissions that focus on:

  • Issues of white privilege and institutionalized racism.

  • Racial issues concerning LGBTQI people and their struggles within the LGBTQI community.

  • Women of color and their struggles within the feminist community.

  • Issues concerning capitalism and racial disparities.
  • Issues concerning imperialism and racism (Particularly blogs that use Marxist critical perspectives intertwined with a critical look at race and power).

  • Mass media and representations of people of color

  • The rule of law and race and class (such as court ordered sterilizations being predominately forced on men and women of color from lower class backgrounds, etc.).

  • Racism within the activist community (such as white socialists describing people of color socialists as being "nationalistic," etc.).

  • Plus much much more and anything your mind can think of. Please distribute this post widely. Thanks.