Reminder: Erase Racism Carnival Coming Up Soon!

I'm still looking for more posts from people. I haven't been getting enough and some of the ones I have been getting a kinda bad. Please, get the word out. Thanks.

Hey folks. This month's Erase Racism Carnvial (blog carnival that is) is being hosted by Double Consciousness. Please, if you have any recent (within a month) blog posts please send them our way (you can submit your posts here); also keep this in mind in the future if you write any blog posts you think will be good for the carnival.

The deadline for all posts to be in is April 18th.

Carlo and I are specifically looking for blog submissions that focus on:

  • Issues of white privilege and institutionalized racism.

  • Racial issues concerning LGBTQI people and their struggles within the LGBTQI community.

  • Women of color and their struggles within the feminist community.

  • Issues concerning capitalism and racial disparities.
  • Issues concerning imperialism and racism (Particularly blogs that use Marxist critical perspectives intertwined with a critical look at race and power).

  • Mass media and representations of people of color

  • The rule of law and race and class (such as court ordered sterilizations being predominately forced on men and women of color from lower class backgrounds, etc.).

  • Racism within the activist community (such as white socialists describing people of color socialists as being "nationalistic," etc.).
  • We're also looking for international issues as well especially considering caste.

  • Plus much much more and anything your mind can think of. Please distribute this post widely. Thanks.


La Otra said...

When is the deadline for submission, so I can let folks know? Also, look for a couple more posts from me headed y'all's way.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Jack.

I have some posts I have done over at my site. Here are links to some of those posts. Feel free to pick whichever one you want for your carnival:

1. http://kathmanduk2.wordpress.com/2007/04/11/on-black-women-white-men-and-the-words-of-don-imus/



I'm not sure what category these might fall into, but, hopefully these choices of my posts help you in your carnival.

Good luck and success on your hosting the carnival.

I will definately check in to read it.


Ravenmn said...

Shoot! I just saw the timeline direction. I submitted something from October. If I update and expound upon it, do I qualify?

Anonymous said...

Yes, if you update it and repost it and tweak it than that should be good. As long as you repost it within this month and not just make some changes and edit the previous post, that should be good.

Professor Zero said...

What about this series from the Unapologetic Mexican:


Professor Zero said...

Retrying the link - that's to the "White Lens" series from the Unapologetic Mexican.

Jimmy Higgins said...

Hey, nifty blog. Feel free to use




both from last month, for the Carnival. And check out the new book, The Cost of Privilege: Taking on The System of White Supremacy and Racism. There's a website with some commentary, a couple of sample chapters and some resources at http://www.costofprivilege.com/

Anonymous said...


I know I'm getting these in late under the wire, but, I'd like for you to consider them for your racism carnival: