That's Some Crazy Ching-Chong Talk!

[Editor's note: I heard my girlfriend wrong, the person telling her the story wasn't the Chinese girl but another student who was there and the professor had replaced the girl in the dance with herself, sorry for the mistake]

Here's a quick food-for-thought post. My girlfriend is doing an article for the school newspaper on subtle everyday racism that goes on between folks on campus and she had one example that involves her friends and the school's dance department (she's a dance major as well as a journalism major). A month or so ago there was a dance show put on by the department showcasing the professors' works and in one of the pieces there was a sequence with a group of eight ladies or so and they open up the piece by saying, "Dance is the universal language." (this professor can't be racist! She has a piece on multiculturalism!) The languages spoken are Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian (I think), and a few other languages.

During one of the rehearsals the girl speaking the Chinese part (who is Chinese herself) wasn't there so the professor needed to fill in for her in order for everyone else to carry on with the practice. When it came time to speak the Chinese part instead of doing the sensible thing and not speaking (or just saying it in English) out of the mouth of this professor comes. "Ching-chong! Ching-chong! Chong-chong ching-chongh!"

When I heard this I was like, "You have to be freakin' kidding me! Holy shhh-crap!"

These are the types of professors who the dance department hires. Man!

When the dancer told my girlfriend this she also said. "It was like she was mocking the girl's language."

This is also the same professor who said one day to one of the Black dancers at school. "I just don't understand hip-hop."

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