Saturday Beats: Materialism

One of the latest from The Beat Within. This is one of the best writings I've read in quite some time from our youth. Hope ya'll enjoy.

The Addiction of Materialism
Materialism is a very addictive illusion,
but a more potent product of materialism is the glamour,
and the thing’s and feeling’s that money and material things bring.
A lot of younger teen’s get sucked up into bubble gum dreams
wanting to be like old time white gangsters
such as Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, John Gotti and so on.
The Escalades, the Mercedes, and the scraper’s on dubs are
cool things to own just like the jewels and [having] females
and some rack’s in your pocket pero.
That ain’t all I would risk my life and liberty for,
especially in this White man’s system
where I could loose by any means.
I would rather make my money intelligently, and stack up,
put some in the bank rather then spend it on shhh
I could buy when I have enough money stacked.
As far as the neighborhood, I wouldn’t care where I live.
As long as no one messes with me I wont face no 25
with an L.
-Grumpy, Alameda