TOXIC SLUDGE IS GOOD (enough for black folk)...

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Francis L. Holland blogs about a recent article he read from the Associated Press:
Although whites would have us believe that AIDS could NOT have been started by whites and that the Tuskegee Experiment could never happen again,
BALTIMORE - Scientists using federal grants spread fertilizer made from human and industrial wastes on yards in poor, black neighborhoods to test whether it might protect children from lead poisoning in the soil. Families were assured the sludge was safe and were never told about any harmful ingredients.


It galls me. It galls me that the major news institutions can make federal cases out of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's prophetic indignation at a nation whose policies undervalue and marginalize whole populaces, and reduce it to the rantings of a mad man, when in our own backyard our own government is conducting more experimentation on its citizens!

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