Tim Wise on White Privilege

A nice short exlpaination on the affects of white privilege in America.

[Hat Tip: Eileen the Episcopalifem]


the poet Shazza said...

You know what I really like about you Blog, you have a diverse selection of information and view points that is informative and challenging. I am currently working on my experiences reading (Black Themed) Blogs and how they generally share and out bash singular Issues (mostly Hillary Clinton/Barak Obama) and forget that there is a whole World of positive and disturbing news that needs to be covered. You do that and I appreciate it.

As for this posting, I am thankful. I also believe that this particular lecture (which isn't new or unique coming from a (White) Intellectual but it is in line with that serious dialogue on Race which Obama detailed in his speech on Race in America.

Jack Stephens said...

Thanks for the imput and the kinjd words Shazza. Very much appreciated.