Friday Hip-Hop 9.26.08

Sorry about the lateness again. This podcast runs at 13 minutes and is dedicated to my comrades in the Middle East, Mohamed, Farah, and (of course) Hossam.

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De la Cruz


Intro by: Ramallah Underground


Hip-Hop Friday 9.19.08

I totally forgot to cross-post my podcast from last week! My bad!

This podcast is the shortest one yet (10 minutes) but still packs a punch.

Enjoy (oh, and sorry about the lateness)

Shayla G

Dizzee Rascal


Intro by: Power Struggle


Getting in Trouble: Regulating the Self

I'm at Carlo's house right now and I was browsing a book he was reading called Bad Boys: Public Schools in the Making of Black Masculinty. [1]

In it I found this illuminating quote that Carlo had highlighted:
Adult descriptions of infractions on the referrals often invoked their reading of the tone of the exchange as expressed through children's body language...girl received after-school detention for a "sassy mouth, standing with attitude, walking away when I called her in the 6th grade line at lunch." The same girl got two days of in-house detention for "disruption in class. disrespectual [sic] and defiant when spoken to. Mouthy and had an attitude." A white girl was sent to cool off in the Punishing Room after charged with "defiance; flapping & pointing; slamming drawers, called Sharon a bitch."

What is most significant for us here is that reading of "defiant attitude" are often deciphered through a racialized key...

1. Ann Arnett Ferguson, Bad Boys: Public School in the Making of Black Masculinity (Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Press, 2004),67-68.


This is for Macha

John McCain Got BarrackRoll'd!!


Miss Navajo: Reconceptualizing Native American Beauty

Cross-posted from The Blog and the Bullet.

Renee blogs:
Yolanda Charley, recently won the title of Miss. Navajo Nation. I am normally against beauty contests, as I see them as nothing more than the performance of femininity for the male gaze. The Miss Navajo Nation is like no other pageant I have ever come across.


What I love about this contest is that it is more than women parading around with fake smiles, with their bathing suits taped to their skin, to avoid being swallowed by their asses. Miss Navajo is about celebration, and the perpetuation of culture.


The Native Media and American Politics

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The Angry Indian blogs on Native American news outlets:
We were never meant to be a part of the colonial system and I find it embarrassing that those who are chosen to represent us do not have the courage to speak about this in real, coherent and tangible terms. Instead, we talk of what it like for Indians to be a part of the DNC and RNC conventions and who got to speak before large crowds and which “tribe” will adopt a candidate who in the end will do absolutely nothing for our people but keep us in our respective place at the bottom of the U.S. totem pole. And we ask ourselves why we get so little respect.

Friday Hip-Hop 9.12.08

This podcast is a little long (nearly 21 minutes) but totally worth it. I went to Bambu's Exact Change album release tour on Tuesday at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco and I just had to highlight some of the folks that performed their art on the stage.

This was the first time I saw Bambu perform since Native Guns broke up (long time man, long time) and this was also the last performance EyeASage will do until her album comes up. So it was good to catch her before she goes into seclusion (she clowned my phone, man! Can't believe it! Ain't nothing wrong with vintage 1998 cell phones! :-) ) to work on her album.

Anyways, without further ado, enjoy.

Do D.A.T.

Ise Lyfe


Zion I

Intro, Intercessions, and Outro by: The Coup


The Voting Bloc: Obama and Change

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Miss Kristia, of Doorknockers, blogs:
The most difficult contradiction to face is that even if Obama makes 1.5-2 things better for some people of color in America, we know that he is nothing but a flyer, better-dressed, younger face to the New World Order AKA the same ol' American Empire that has been running shit for the past several hundred years.


Racist Mother Goose and Grimm Cartoon

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Angry Asian Man blogs:

Kimchi Mamas first blogged about this a couple of weeks ago... What kind of messed up nonsense is this? This Mother Goose and Grimm comic strip is a couple of weeks old, but dude, what the hell? Come on! Really? They really had to go there with the idiotic Korean dog-eating joke?


"ask a white kid"

I logged onto myspace this morning and one of my friend's had posted a bulletin entitled "ask a white kid."

Did anyone happen to catch this?

Friday Hip-Hop 9.05.08

This podcast runs a little over 20 minutes and features an all African Hip-Hop cast from Gabon, Senegal, and Tanzania.



X Plastaz

Wendy Wen

Daara J

Intro by: Peter Tosh


Bambu's Exact Change Tour

I'll be there, will you?